The evil that teachers do

I like to teach a particular class — which alas I cannot name here. Let’s call it Twilight and Ghosts for fun. In this class, we read a lot of Gothic texts and we analyse the political and religious subtexts. I have a lot of religious students and many of them do not appreciate any kind of criticism — nay, any EXAMINATION of religion or God — and can get a bit fiery about it.

However, I never ever expected this email to surface. Just for some background, the young lady who sent the email dropped the class in the first week, after my basic introduction class. I never received this missive. She sent it to the entire class, and one of the kids put it in his class journal. When I was correcting the journals, I came across this nugget which I now share with you:

Hey everyone! “Censored” here. I just wanted to say that the teacher seems nice and everything. But she wants to sleep over at the school and look for the ghost with ninja boards and everything. [Ed. I think she meant ouija.] So i am droping her class and i suggest you guys do it to cause she is opeing you up for demonic posession and you dont wanna go to hell. DROP THIS CLASS FOR YER SOUL!

Wow! I never knew I had that kind of power. I felt kinda flattered. Then just a bit disgruntled. Religious freaks again ruining my good times and slumber party.


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