And We’re Back!

Happy New Year all! Hope you have all had a restful holiday. I have some funny comments from well meaning students to add to our blog. Hope you enjoy them. 

Recently, some students were asked to write an essay about theme of the story “The Thing About Luck” by Canadian writer Renee Hartlieb. It is a great short story about a man coming to terms with the murder of his wife. His wife had been considered lucky all her life and indeed, had named her dog “Lucky”. The wife even said of herself that “she had horseshoes up her ass.”

This turn of phrased really captured the imagination of the some of the fledgling writers. To wit:

“Horseshoe, being a symbol of luck, in someone’s ass, creates as imaginative idea and permits to better understand how lucky she actually was.’

We all need a little symbol of luck in ass sometimes, don’t we?

“Diana had all the luck in the world when it came to materialistic things, but the one day she needed a horseshoe inside of her more than anything, it was not there.”

Um, hmmm. I don’t even know what to say here. But I liked this kid’s title: “The Life as Unlacky Lack.” My response was, “What the fuckity fuck?”

And last, but not least today:

“Life is a great gift given by God therefore, it should be cherished and fun. Unfortnuately, life is not always made of path of roses.”

So true, dat.

See you tomorrow. With luck. In ass.


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